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2 in 1 Charger Qi Wireless Charger External Battery 6000mAh Black BXIYFLCKJ



Availability: In Stock

2 in 1 Qi Wireless Charger-External Battery Charger Black 6000mAh Comes with you in your 48h. High Tech purchases-Free Delivery, Guaranteed At least 1 year.Charging station for wireless Qi Standard Charger/Charging station with induction, Dual, smartphone and TabletThis Qi Charger - 2-in - 1 Wireless lets you charge your smartphone with the Qi standard, supplying electricity's wireless and external battery, can also be charged with USB your smart phone if you do not have a patch Qi. Compatible with all cell phones equipped with a Qi patch and other appliances Colour: Black.Box contents: 1 x Qi Station, 1 x Power Adapter, 17 x 8.3 x 1.45 cm

This charger Qi 2 in 1 for smartphone is intended to all owners of smartphones, who have enough to seek their cable without charge to stop their terminal mobile Phone
the refill of your mobile phone has never been this easy!!! This station meets the wireless Qi Standard Wireless which transmits the energy, induction ?lectromagn?tique. so, when charging No heat, release your smartphone is ressenti. as to him a few chauffera, as is usual dune when load (wired or not).

this product will allow you to charge the battery of your phone in a totally secure fair In the affixing on this will be effective derni?re. charging up to 5 mm distance from capteur. it is therefore necessary that the smartphone is based on the chargeur.
module Receiver Qi
a Wireless Charging Pad (Not supplied but available in our store) is necessary for the use of this product if your phone is not ?quip?. into effect are some smartphones Equipped with Qi Standard receivers during their construction These models will not need to be equipped as well as patches Qi. to know if your model is equipped or not of a Receiver Qi-Please refer to the product fiche of terminal your mobile phone

Genuine , External Battery charger for smartphone is equipped with a USB port to allow also the charging of your smartphone through your charging cable if you have not dun patch Qi or if you need to charge another device: Your laptop, your touchscreen tablet,

a luminous indicator will tell you whether your phone is charging, and once the battery 100% , the fully charged indicator light will change color, and this will stop Universal Qi charger Automatically charge your mobile phone.

2 in 1 Charger Qi Wireless Charger External Battery 6000mAh Black BXIYFLCKJ

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