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Umbrella ultralyt Reflector Gold 102 cm 40 MEHMUVFBO



Availability: In Stock

ultralyt umbrella are ideal for studio or for outdoor lighting, offer a wide range of designs, sizes and shades in the range of ultralyt umbrella reflectors, soft light box (softlight), (box) and are reversible, this is the model ultralyt Gold Tone Reflector with 102cm = 40inches.Product: Gold Umbrella ReflectorDiameter: 1.020mm Rod: 8mm diameter

The umbrella ultralyt are ideal for studio lighting or for open spaces, offering a wide range of models, action and tone. In the range of umbrella ultralyt find reflectors, soft light box (box) (Softlight), and reversible.
With the umbrella reflector ultralyt Gold, you get a clear lighting with strong contrasts and brilliant colours.
If you wish to make product photography or to accentuate details in portrait photography, this umbrella reflector ultralyt Gold help you generate a warm light and achieve the best colours of leather.
This is the model reflector ultralyt of gold tone with measure 102cm = 40inches.
The umbrella reflectors ultralyt are available in measures from 84cm (33& # 34;) up to 109cm (43& # 34;), thus achieving meet the needs of each client.

Umbrella ultralyt Reflector Gold 102 cm 40 MEHMUVFBO

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